Tuesday, 28 January 2014

federating custom node to a deployment manager (dmgr) websphere aplication server v 8.5 on windows (WebSphere Jungle)

Follow the step to federate node to a Deployment manager in WebSphere Application Server v 8.5 on windows:

  If u want to watch this process of federation in IBM WebSphere Application Server V 8.5 on windows click on below link

1.First take the backup of Deployment manager(dmgr). If any error come u will restore by using backup of Deploment manager(dmgr).
2.Verify the Deployment manager(dmgr) is runing state or not.If dmgr isn't running u run the dmgr.
      ex: go to dmgr root folder,then
                   <dmgr_root>/bin/serverStatus  -all

3.U can federate node to a Deploment manager throw these steps
             a) At the time of Creating node
             b)Through the addNode command

A) At  the time of Creating node
       In the Wizard of creating of node ,u will verfily  "Federation" step.
      In that step u may check the "Federation this node later" check box.If u uncheck that "Federation this node later" check box.That wizard u will provide the values of dmgr like hostname,SOAP port number,username and password(if security is enabled).

B) Through the addNode command
            Go to profile of node folder,then

             <node_root>/bin/addNode.bat [dmgr_host] [SOAP port No of Dmgr]

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