Thursday, 29 May 2014

Installing packs on Web Server plugin (IHS) using the Installation Manager on windows (WebSphere Jungle)

Follow  the steps to apply packs to Web Server plugins(IHS) using IBM Installation Manager(IM) on windows:
                 If u want to watch this process, click on below link

1)First check present version of Web Server plugin (IHS plugin).
    Follow the steps to find out version of web Server plugin.

    My Web Server plugin's version is Now I apply fix pack to update it to WebServer plugin
2)Download packs from IBM website which is suitable for your version.
3)Now I downloaded Web Server plugin fix pack. It comes 2 different zip files like

          Above fix pack is used for IBM HTTP Server also. This fix pack for both IBM HTTP Server and It's plugin.
4)unzip two zip files. Then provide same name to those two unzip folders. It may ask "Confirm Folder Replace". Click on "Yes" button. Now u can have only one folder in that location. Follow images carefully u will get more idea about it.

5)Open the IBM Installation Manager.

6)Add repository file to apply pack to IHS plugin.
    File--------->Preferences--------->Click on "Add Repository" -------->Click on "Browse"--------->Select repository file from pack folder.

7)Click on Update.

8)Now follow the  steps to apply packs to IHS plugin.
    a)Click on "Next".

    b)Click on "Next".

    c)Accept the license and click on "Next".

    d)Click on "Next".

    e)Click on "Update".

    f)Click on "Finish".

9)Now check the version of IHS plugin.

That's it......

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