Monday, 29 September 2014

WebSphere Application Server commands

Some useful Commands for WebSphere Application Server Admin (WAS Admin):
                     Here I provide some useful commands for WAS Admin (for beginners) . These commands related to WAS, IHS.

         We can use not only this syntax for some  commands. U can use it with many ways also.Check syntax before using this syntax and practice on it.

                                  Feel free to comment , provide more commands, find any errors in this article(to improve this article).
1.To open Profile Management Tool(PMT) for creating profiles

2.To create profiles in Command line which command we use?

3.List out profiles in a box
          WAS_root/manageprofiles.bat(.sh)  -listProfiles

4.To start Deployment Manager(dmgr)

5.To stop Deployment Manager(dmgr)

6.To stop Deployment Manager(dmgr) while security is enabled
            dmgr_root/bin/stopManager.bat(.sh) -userName username  
-password  password

7.Add a node to Deployment Manager(dmgr)
             node_root/bin/addNode.bat(.sh)  dmgr_hostname  dmgr_SOAPportno

8.Add a node to Deployment Manager(dmgr)(while security is enabled to dmgr)
             node_root/bin/addNode.bat(.sh)  dmgr_hostname  dmgr_SOAPportno
-userName   username   -password  password

9.To start node

10.To stop node

11.To stop node while security is enabled
            node_root/bin/stopNode.bat(.sh) -userName username  
-password  password

12.To start server
            profile_root/bin/startServer.bat(.sh)  server_name

13.To stop server
            profile_root/bin/stopServer.bat(.sh)  server_name

14.To stop server while security is enabled
            profile_root/bin/stopServer.bat(.sh)  server_name  -userName username 
-password password

15.To know server status
                 profile_root/bin/serverStatus.bat(.sh)  -all

16.To know server status while security is enabled
                 profile_root/bin/serverStatus.bat(.sh)  -all  -username username  
-password password

17.To know WAS version information

18.To know java version information
                  WAS_root/java/jre/java.exe -version (in windows)
                  WAS_root/java/jre/java  -version (in Linux)

19.To delete a profile
                 WAS_root/bin/manageProfile.bat(.sh)  -delete  -profileName  profile_Name

20.To open IBM Installation Manager(IM)
                 installation_loc of IM/eclipse/IBMIM

21.To open WebSphere Customization Toolbox(WCT)

22.To remove node from dmgr

23.To synchronize the node to dmgr
                  node_root/bin/syncNode.bat(.sh)  dmgr_hostname  dmgr_SOAP portno

24.To take backup of profile configuration

25.To restore of profile configuration

26.To generate report that includes of installed or uninstalled fix packs & interim fixes

27.To start WSAdmin tool
                  WAS_root/bin/wsadmin    (in windows)
                  WAS_root/   (in linux)

28.To run the caller script using wsadmin tool
                  WAS_root/bin/wsadmin(.sh) -lang  jython  -f

29.To start jobmanager
                    jobmanager profile_root/bin/startServer.bat(.sh)   jobmgr

30.To start adminagent
                    adminagentprofile_root/bin/startServer.bat(.sh)  adminagent

31.To stop jobmanager
                    jobmanager profile_root/bin/stopServer.bat(.sh)   jobmgr

32.To stop adminagent
                    adminagentprofile_root/bin/stopServer.bat(.sh)  adminagent

33.To open Ikeyman tool

34.To generate the WAS webserver's plugin configuration file(plugin-cfg.xml)

35.To generate "versionReport.html" report file

36.To encodes passwords that are located in plaintext property files
                       profile_root/bin/propFilePasswordEncoder.bat(.sh)   "filename"

37.To start IBM HTTP Server(IHS)
                       IHS_root/bin/apachectl  start (in Linux)
                       IHS_root/bin/apache.exe  -k  start  -f  httpd.conf _location (windows)

38. To stop IBM HTTP Server(IHS)
                       IHS_root/bin/apachectl  stop
                      IHS_root/bin/apache.exe  -k  stop  -f  httpd.conf _location (windows)

39. To start IBM HTTP Server adminstration server
                       IHS_root/bin/adminctl  start

40.To stop IBM HTTP Server adminstration server
                       IHS_root/bin/adminctl  stop

41.To know version of IHS
                       IHS_root/bin/apachectl  -v

42.To start IBM HTTP Server using an alternate config file
                      IHS_root/bin/apache  -k  start  -f  httpd.conf _location
                     IHS_root/bin/apache.exe  -k  start  -f  httpd.conf _location

43.To stop IBM HTTP Server using an alternate config file
                      IHS_root/bin/apache  -k  stop  -f  httpd.conf _location
                     IHS_root/bin/apache.exe  -k  stop  -f  httpd.conf _location

44.To open Key management utility user interface for IHS

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