Saturday, 1 November 2014

installing installation manager (IM) v 1.6 in different location(WebSphere Jungle)

Follow  the steps to change default location of  IBM Installation Manager (IM)'s 
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------installation path on windows  :
                 If u want to watch this process , click on below link

                 Normally IBM Installation Manger(IM)'s installation path is
                   C:\Program Files\IBM\Installation Manager\eclipse
                 But i want to change  this location as my requirement. i.e. I want to  change default location of  IM.
                 When we install IM in GUI, we can change default location of it. But when we install IM in silent mode, we can't change default location.
                 So, now follow my article to change this default location of IM.

1.IM contains some folders and some files. "install" xml file in notepad. Just add  below  line to change default location of IM.


                                 here I want to install IM in E:\usr\local\opt\was\im\im16\eclipse. So, u can change the location based on ur environment.

3.Now U can install IM on different location.

4. For better understand, just check below images.

In above images I installed IM in 'E:\usr\local\opt\was\im\im16\eclipse' location.

           check below link for how to install IBM Installation Manager (IM) in different methods on windows
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