Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Installing IBM HTTP Server (IHS) v8.5.5 by using the imcl command on Linux(WebSphere Jungle) -- Real-time method

Follow  the steps to install IBM HTTP Server (IHS) v8.5.5 by using the imcl command on Linux  :

                Note : It is one of the way to install IHS8.5.5 in comapines.

1.Download  IBM HTTP Server (IHS)  version 8.5  trial package from IBM website. This software  comes with 2 disks like
                                Silent installation cannot install packages that are contained different disks.
                       here I use IHS trail version. It comes 2 different disks like
                       Then we need to unzip these 2 zip files. It will be created 2 diffrent folders like
Then we merge these 2 folders into one folder like "was.repo.8550.ihs.ilan".

2.Before installing  IBM HTTP server  version 8.5  trial package. You need to download & install Installation Manager(IM) in your box(system) from IBM website.
                           If u want steps for installation of Installation Manager(IM)(Real time)  u can verify my previous article.
 putty to connect server
    Need to provide IP address to connect the server

4.Go to Installation Manager directory.
    cd /opt/IBM/InstallationManager/tools

5.Execute the below command

./imcl install,arch.64bit -repositories /tmp/was.repo.8550.ihs.ilan/repository.config -installationDirectory /opt/IBM/HTTPServer85 -sharedResourcesDirectory /opt/IBM/IMShared -properties user.ihs.httpPort=80 -acceptLicense -showProgress

 Details of command : - Package Name (It may different in your package. Please check the package name as per your binaries)
arch.64bit - It'll install 64 bit
/tmp/was.repo.8550.ihs.ilan/ - where package is available. Need to provide binaries path
/opt/IBM/HTTPServer85 - Where to install IHS.
user.ihs.httpPort=80 - It'll allocate 80 port for IHS.
Note: You can change above details based on your environment and requirement.

6.Now u can check, your box has IBM HTTP Server (IHS) version 8.5.5

1)We don't get the IHS8.5 Trail version in IBM website now.
2)Please comment below to get the trail version of IHS8.5.5

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