Friday, 21 March 2014

installing installation manager (IM) v 1.6 by using console mode on windows(WebSphere Jungle)

Follow  the steps to install IBM Installation Manager (IM) v 1.6 by using console mode on windows  :

                 If u want to watch installation process of IBM Installation Manger(IM) , click on below link

1. Download  IM is based on your system configuration like windows 64 bit and 32 bit.
                           I am using  windows 7 64 bit. IM software comes like
2.unzip this zip file. command line, run installc command for Administrator (userinstc for nonadministrator)

          installc  -c 
4.After that enter 'n' to go to next step(Here im is selected by default)
5.Enter 'a' to accept License  then enter 'n' to continue to next step.
6.Here u can change default location of Installation Manager by enter 'L or l' then enter 'n'.
7.Enter 'I or i' to install.
8.After completing of this installation enter 'R or r' to restart Installation Manager.
         Check below images one by one to get idea about this task.


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