Tuesday, 25 March 2014

creating Deployment manager (DMGR) profile through command line in IBM WebSphere Application Server on windows

Follow  the steps to create Deployment manager (DMGR) profile through command line in  IBM WebSphere Application Server on windows  :

                 If u want to watch this task , click on below link

1.We can create Deployment Manager (DMGR) profile through command line  using "manageprofiles" command. command line, go to "bin" directory.
       ex: Root Directory/bin
3.Run "manageprofiles" command using below example syntax. Before using this command read carefully about this syntax. Change according to your environment. 

      manageprofiles.bat -create -defaultPorts -profileName dmgr -profilePath D:\usr\local\opt\was\was85\profiles\dmgr -templatePath D:\usr\local\opt\was\was85\profileTemplates\dmgr -serverType DEPLOYMENT_MANAGER -cellName localhostCell01 -hostName localhost -nodeName localhostNode01 -enableAdminSecurity false

          Read below lines to better understand......
          1)I installed WAS in the path of " D:\usr\local\opt\was\was85". So, u change this path where u installed WAS in Your box.
          2)Provide the cellname,hostname&nodename based on your box and desire....
 3)Execute this command without splitting lines...