Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Installing web server (ibm http server) plug-ins for ibm WebSphere Application Server v 8.5 on Linux (WebSphere Jungle)

Follow the step to install plug-ins for web server (like  IBM http server v 8.5) in  IBM WebServer application server v 8.5 on Linux:
  If u want to watch installation process plug-ins for webserevr click on below link

1.Download  plug-ins package  version 8.5(ILAN)  trial package from IBM website. This software  comes with 2 disks like
2.Before installing  plug-ins package. You download & install Installation Manager(IM) in your box(system) from IBM website.
                           If u want steps for installation of Installation Manager  u can verify my previous article. Article link is

 3.Unzip the package zip files using unzip command.
       ex:   unzip
4.Open the Installation Manager(by click on IBMIM for Admin or  launcher for user)

5.Add the repository to install repository file. Follow the steps  to add repository file.
   File ------------->References----------->Add Repository-----------> click on browse.
  select repository file from plug-ins  version 8.5(ILAN)  trial package(i.e. disk 1).

6.After selecting  repository file click on "Install" on the wizard of Installation Manager(IM).

7.Check the check box of Web Server Plug-is for IBM WebSphere Application Server and click on "next".

8. Accept the license and click on "Next".

9. Specify the path for where to install plugin for web server and click on "Next".

11.Click on "Next".

12. Click on "Install".

13.Close the Installation Manager wizard.
14.Now u can check the installed package of plugin for Web Server in your system.

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