Wednesday, 16 April 2014

serving static content in IBM HTTP Server (Web Server) on windows (WebSphere Jungle)

Follow the step to serve static content page in IBM HTTP Server  on windows:

  If u want to watch this process click on below link

                                               Actually I started reading about web server and application server. I got one doubt about it. How the static content page serve the IBM HTTP Server. Once we know the what is the static content page then we can understand about dynamic content page.
                                                Generally Static content page is a web page which is slandered  for every user. It won't change based on user. But dynamic content page will be changed based on user.
                                                Normally HTML page is static content page . JAVA,.NET,PHP pages are dynamic content pages.
                                                Now we can practice how a HTML Page serve to user through HTTP Request and Response from IBM HTTP Server(Web Server).
                                                 So, Let us do it now.....

1)Install IBM HTTP Server on my box. Then Start IBM HTTP Server.
     Click below link for installation process of IBM HTTP Server
     Click below link for starting and stopping IBM HTTP Server
2)Go to directory. Then Go to "htdocs" folder in it.

3)Create any HTML Page in it. I provide one example if u want...
     open notepad. write same lines as below image . Save it as "mypage.html".

4)Then open browser. check your web page is served by IBM HTTP Server or not...

ex:         http://localhost:80/mypage.html
              here local host is server name.

                      80 is IHS port no.

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