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Answers for WebSphere Application Server Interview Questions Part-2 (WebSphere Jungle)

                Based on my knowledge I did this article.I collected some answers from many resources. If any correction,please comment it.I will modify it. Share your answers for these questions in different way. I will add those answers with your name in my blog. Help for WebSphere Beginners. 

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1.What is Profile and explain about different profiles in WebSphere Application Server?

        Profile is a set configuration files which give runtime environment for WebSphere Application Server. Profile can contain all the files that are server processes and that can change.
     Types of profiles:
                          Cell profile
                          Management Profile
                                  -Administrative Agent
                                  -Deployment Manager
                                  -Job Manager
                          Application Server Profile
                          Custom Profile
                          Secure proxy (Configuration only)
                          Liberty Profile (We installed separately)

2.Explain the process of federation?

            Federation is a process to add node to manager. We can federate node to dmgr by using addnode command. It will create nodeagent in the node's machine. 

3.What is packs? Different types of packs?

               Packs provides important changes and enhancement that effect environment.
Check below links for better understanding packs and fixes.

4.How can u apply packs?

          we can apply packs by  using update installer or IM (Installation Manager)

5.What is product packages and Types of product packages?

          Product packages are used to achieve different levels of application servers capabilities.
Product package are
                WebSphere Application Server Express
                WebSphere Application Server Base
                WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment
                WebSphere Application Server for z/OS
                WebSphere Application Server for Developers
                WebSphere Application Server Hypervisor Edition
                WebSphere Application Server Liberty Core
                WebSphere Application Server Community Edition

6.what is logs?

        Logs are files which written messages.... WebSphere Application Server has different types of log files like JVM log files, Process log files..etc....

7.Differences between SystemOut.log and SystemErr.log?

           SystemErr.log file contains Java exceptions and stack traces.
           SystemOut.log file contains messages generated when the application running inside the application server are being started or stopped.

8.Explain about activity.log and nativity.log?(answers from redbooks)
                 Native code running in a WebSphere Application Server process can write data to the process logs(also called native logs). Native code is non-Java code, typically found in files with .dll, .exe,and .so extensions. The process logs are named  native_stdout.log and native_stderr.log. They are located in the 

                 The service log is more commonly known as the activity.log and is found in the  /profiles//logs directory. There is only one   activity.log for each node. WebSphere Application Server runtime events are logged to the activity.log. It is written in binary format, so it cannot be viewed in a text editor. The main purpose of the activity.log is that it can be viewed with the Log Analyzer tool, is a graphical user interface that displays the events from the activity.log and uses a symptom database to analyze the events and diagnose problems.

9.Explain about "FFDC"? (answers from redbooks)

                    The FFDC feature runs in the background and collects events and errors that occur during WebSphere Application Server runtime. The information that it collects are written to log files in the
                    /profiles//logs/ffdc directory.

10.Explain about SOAP.Client.Props and SAS.Client.Props?

                   SOAP.Client.Props file to set properties for SOAP Connector., are some properties....
                   SAS.Client.Props file to set properties for RMI Connector., are some properties....

11.What is  load balancing?

                      Load balancing is a method to  spread the load(like requests) across multiple, available resources(servers) in network.

12.Explain managed node and unmanaged node?

                   Generally Managed node has nodeagent that allows to administration. Unmanaged node doesn't have nodeagent.

13.How to create unmanaged node for web server in admin console?

        Check my article on this.

14.What is environment variables?

          WebSphere Application Server environment variables can be used in the external service wizard to specify directory values
            Check the link for more details

15.what is virtual hosts?

              Virtual host means single machine acts as multiple hosts.

            More about it

16.What is Installation Manager (IM)?

              It is a tool for installing and maintaining many ibm products.... Check this link for details about IM.

17.What is Heap? Explain about "Heap Dump"?

                  Generally JVM gets memory from Operating System when java application started.This memory is used by JVM. It is called "Heap" memory in java.
                    Heap dump is nothing but a snap shot of JVM's Heap memory. It contains all active java objects and their activities which object doing what and how much memory it is occupying.

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