Friday, 28 February 2014

creating Application server profile in WebSphere application server v 8.5 on Linux (WebSphere Jungle)

Follow the steps to create Application server profile   in WebSphere Application Server  V 8.5 on Linux:
If u want to watch this process click on below link


             First install WebSphere Application Server in your box(System). Then do this process to create Application Server profile in your box(System). If u want process of this click on below link the Profile Management tool(PMT). It is one of the tool under WebSphere Customization toolbox(WCT).To open PMT follow the steps
Applications-------IBM WebSphere--------- IBM WebSphere Application Server  V 8.5 -------Tools----------double click on Profile Management Tool.

2.Click on "Create" button in Profile Management Tool.

3.Select the" Application Server" to create Application Server profile and Click on "Next".

4. Select  "Advanced profile creation" radio button and Click on "Next".

5.Leave the default values and Click on "Next".

6.If u want, u will change Profile name and profile directory path. After changing all these values click on "Next".

7.Specify the Node name, Server name ,Host name and click on "Next".

8.If u want to enable security u will provide values and click on "Next".

9.Leave default values and click on "Next".

10. Leave default values and click on "Next".

                   above 9 and 10 steps for configuring for personal certification details.
11.Verify the port values .If u want to change u can change here. Then  click on "Next".

12.If u want to configure this profile to web server, u will provide the values and click on "Next".
13.Verify the summary of profile and click on "Create".

14.Uncheck "Launch the first steps console" check box and click on "Finish".

15.Close the WebSphere Customization Toolbox.

16.Now yours box has Application server profile .

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