Saturday, 8 February 2014

Creating cluster environment in WebSphere Application Server v 8.5 on windows (WebSphere Jungle)

Follow the step to Create  cluster environment in WebSphere Application Server v 8.5 on windows:

  If u want to watch Creating cluster environment in admin console ,click on below link


           Creating cluster environment in WAS.
            I will explain two cluster members in on cluster. Two Cluster members are created using different nodes.
                Cluster Member                                  Node
                  server1                                             Node1
                  server2                                             Node2

Pre requirements for completing this task:
                       Install IBM WebSphere Application Server v 8.5. Create Deployment Manager (dmgr)  and two Custom (node) profiles. Federate two nodes to dmgr.(These tasks can do using my previous articles in this blog)

1.Start dmgr , nodeAgents. Now open admin console.
          ex:  http://localhost:9060/ibm/console
2.Check the two Node agents status.

3.Expand "Servers"---------->Expand "Clusters"------------>Click on "WebSphere application server clusters". Then click on "New".
4.Now Follow the steps to create cluster.
        Step 1:Enter basic cluster information
                     Specify Cluster name and Click on "Next"
                          Cluster name      --------- cluster1

        Step 2:Create first cluster member
                     Specify Member name and select node1(It is first Custom profile's node).
Leave all the values as default.
                      Member name    -------------->      server1
                      Select node        --------------->      node1

        Step 3:Create additional cluster members
                     In this step we can add more cluster members from different nodes.
Specify Member name and select node2(It is Second Custom profile's node). Leave all the values as default. Then Click on "Add Member".
                      Member name    -------------->      server2
                      Select node        --------------->      node2
After clicking "Add Member", Cluster member "server2" added into the table.

Then click on "Next".
        Step 4:Summary
                      verify summary and click on "Finish".

5.Click on "Review"------>Select "Synchronize changes with Nodes" check box and click "Save"----------->Click on "OK".
6.Now u can do all tasks on cluster like start, stop.....
                 Verify two application servers will be created.
                   expand "Servers"----->Expand "Server Types"----->Click on "WebSphere application servers"

   Next article I will explain how to deploy application in cluster environment and how cluster works.

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