Wednesday, 26 February 2014

WebSphere Application Server Interview Questions Part-2 (WebSphere Jungle)

WebSphere Application Server Interview Questions Part-2:

1.What is Profile and explain about different profiles in WebSphere Application Server?
2.Explain the process of federation?
3.What is packs?Different types of packs?
4.How can u apply packs?
5.What is product packages and Types of product packages?
6.what is logs?
7.Differences between SystemOut.log and SystemErr.log?
8.Explain about activity.log and nativity.log?
9.Explain about "FFDC"?
10.Explain about SOAP.Client.Props and SAS.Client.Props?
11.What is  load balancing?
12.Explain managed node and unmanaged node?
13.How to create unmanaged node for web server in admin console?
14.What is environment variables?
15.what is virtual hosts?
16.What is Installation Manager (IM)?
17.What is Heap? Explain about "Heap Dump"?

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